TNSNFFL: Awards, What they mean, and the Nominees.

The following is the list of awards that will be given out after week 13 has concluded. I will briefly explain what each award means and explain why each team has been chosen for the award. You can use this to help make your vote.

Newbie of the Year

This award is self-explanatory. It goes to the TNSNFFL newbie (first season in the league) who has had the best season in team performance. You can use their circumstances to determine if you feel that team deserves it. Every newbie is up for this award, but here are two who are likely front-runners.

GOAT Squad: He started off the season 2-0, lost two straight, then hasn’t lost since. He currently sits at 9-2 overall and has one of the best rosters in the league. The only question mark about this team, is their division has basically been bye weeks for them. You can easily say they’ve gotten some free wins because of their easy division.

GethinAntiochos: This team started off hot, cooled down a bit, and is right back in the thick of things at 8-3. They’ve been in the leagues toughest division and finally has tied the top team in it at 8-3. He has had a tough road in his division, and could still end up winning it with a win this week and next, and one Dittle Island loss.

GM of the Year

This award goes to the team owner who drafted well, traded well, and/or made quality waiver pickups. This team owner has shown the ability to face adversity and still lead their team to victory week in and week out. Despite the last line, this award is not based off record, but more so based off how smart this team owner is when it comes to building a roster. Here are the nominees:

English – Tennessee Tyrants: After starting off on the mediocre side of things, he made some key trades to end up with Todd Gurley, Adam Thielen, and Aaron Rodgers. That has made the difference in his season and very well clinched him a playoff spot.

Chris – Nash VILLAINS: After having probably one of the worst drafts in the league, he made key trades that ultimately was the reason he started 3-0 instead of 0-3. Then, he made big trades for guys like Antonio Brown, Robert Woods, James White, and Melvin Gordon to ultimately give him one of the best rosters in the league despite having a horrible draft.

Austin – GOAT Squad: Unlike the previous two teams, Austin has been reaping the benefits of his great draft. He had an abundance of draft picks, and did well with them. Because of his good draft, he not only has a really solid starting lineup, but he has a manageable bench that could ultimately become the difference in the post season.

Dante – GethinAntiochos: It’s more so his draft than anything else that lands him on this nominees list. Because of his decent draft, he’s able to enjoy a 8-3 record right now and enjoy a playoff berth in his first season.

Best Fantasy Name

This award goes to the best and most creative Fantasy Football name. No explanation needed for each nominee.

Nominees: Nash VILLAINS, The Baril House, GOAT Squad, Super Mariota Bros, GethinAntiochos

Best GM Luck

This award has a bit of a “negative” twist to it. With this award, you are saying that the team you vote for should have had a bad season, but got some lucky success instead. Here are the nominees:

Super Mariota Bros: When he lost Le’Veon Bell, one would say with his mediocre roster, he was done for. But somehow, he started 3-1 and was atop the league. Recently though, the luck has run out as he is now 4-7. However, one could say he could be worse right now if it wasn’t for good luck.

Team Better Than You: This team randomly got hot out of nowhere, going on a huge win streak and was considered a Championship favorite as hot as they were. But now the team is sliding and they are 6-5. Was the winning streak full of luck?

Dittle Island: Far too many times he has gotten away with a low scoring game, because his opponent also had a low scoring game. If things were, perhaps, normal for Dittle Island, he would not be 8-3 right now…or would he? That is up to you to decide.

Worst GM Luck

With this one, you are saying that this team owner had a good draft or made good trades, but they could never seem to have anything go their way. Here are the nominees:

Tennessee Tyrants: With their roster, they should be in the MVP race at 10-1 right now. However, they aren’t. It seems as if whenever they have a chance to win, one of their players completely falls off the face of the earth. Are the Tyrants the most unluckiest team in the TNSNFFL?

Music City Mafia: This team had a good draft, but started a league-worst 1-7. He was expected to start at the very least 4-4, if not 6-2. But injuries plagued this team and they saw little success. 

Dellway Demons: This team had a decent roster, but fell victim to a good division. One could say the Demons would be a decent playoff team in another division. Or would he?


Who has been the best overall fantasy owner this season? Really no explanation needed. Just use your own judgement. Here are the nominees: GOAT Squad, Nash VILLAINS, GethinAntiochos, Dittle Island, Baril house.

Bounce Back Fantasy Player of the Year

Please read carefully so you don’t get this award confused with the next one. This award goes to the player who had a rough year last year, and bounced back with a good year this year. Here are the nominees:

Dellway Demons: This player went 2-12 last year, and had one of the worst seasons in TNSNFFL history. However, this season he is 5-6 and had a decent draft. Is that a good bounce back?

Nash VILLAINS: An inconsistent team plagued him last season as he finished 7-7 and missed the post season. This season, he’s 9-2, after starting 5-0, and is well on his way to the playoffs and possibly the championship.

The Baril House: Similar to the VILLAINS, this team finished 7-7 last year, but actually made the post season. This season, he is only 7-4, but is having his best TNSNFFL season to date. 

Dittle Island: This team finished 6-8 last season and was mostly forgotten about in the league. Now, they are 8-3 and possibly a championship favorite. 

Best Turnaround of the Season

This award goes to the team who started rough this season, but found their groove and is now on pace to a playoff berth. Here are the nominees:

The Baril House: This team started 2-4 and looked to be done. Everyone was asking if his division was over-hyped. Team Better Than You was in the spotlight. However, the Baril House came rolling back in and has now stolen the number one spot at 7-4. 

Minnesota REAL: This one isn’t as glamorous as the previous one. REAL started 3-3 and was still in the mix of things, and is now 7-4 and in sole possession of second place in the Rivalry Central division. 

Biggest Ego Award

This season, we have had some egos and highly-confident personalities collide in the group chat. Now, it is up to you to vote on who had the biggest ego out of these nominees:

Evan/Brock (POWERHOUSE) 

Mikey (Minnesota REAL)

Austin (GOAT Squad)


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