TNSNFFL: Week 11 Final Scores

The GethinAntiochos win their fourth straight game to improve to 8-3 on the season! He is now tied at number one in the Five Stars Division.

This game was crazy. And somehow, someway, the Nash VILLAINS take the win and improve to 9-2 on the season. The VILLAINS are still undefeated in the Rivalry Central division (5-0).

Nothing to see here… just 901 Elite getting slaughtered again.

GOAT Squad falls two points shy of the season-high in points. But he wins nonetheless.

The Sons of Thunder improves to 4-7 with a win over POWERHOUSE

The Baril House continues to roll improve to 7-4 on the season! He is now number one in his division with a chance to clinch next week.

This…what a game! Mafia get a win to improve to 3-8! Meanwhile, Team Better Than You drops to 6-5. This is three consecutive losses for them.

Dittle Island drops to 8-3 after losing to the Dellway Demons. The Demons sweep Dittle Island this season!


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