TNSNFFL: Week 10 Final Scores

This game was over by 1:00pm. Dittle Island improve to 8-2 and clinches a playoff spot.

A rather large lead by the Nash VILLAINS, in fact it’s the largest lead in TNSNFFL history. The VILLAINS fell just short of their season high of 160 points. They’ll improve to 8-2 and clinch a playoff spot.

With every relevant team in his division winning, the Tyrants needed this win. They get a win and improve to 6-4 but will stay at the three spot in the Rivalry Central division.

The Baril House should change their name to the Baril ROLL, because they’re on a ROLL! …no? Ok. Anyways, this is their fourth straight win!

Team Better Than You was once on pace to breaking the league’s record of longest winning streak. Yeah… not anymore. After two straight Ls, they’re now 6-4 on the season.

The GOAT Squad (8-2) clinches his division and, of course, a playoff spot with a win over Franklin’s Finest. They haven’t lost since week four.

The GethinAntiochos now have a good chance at clinching the playoffs after dominating Music City Mafia!

Put two mediocre teams together and one has to win, right? Can you believe this was even game of the week? HA! Anyways, big win for Minnesota REAL as their division has suddenly become competitive.


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