TNSNFFL: Week 9 Final Scores.

The Nash VILLAINS continue to own the Rivalry Central Division and continue to dominate 901 Elite. They improve to (7-2) and (4-0) in their division.

Music City Mafia’s losing streak finally ends, as Franklin’s Finest hands them their 2nd win.

Big win for The Baril House, Who will go over .500 at 5-4.

GOAT Squad out here breaking records and hopes. Sorry Sons of Thunder. You ain’t winnin’ this week. Nine straight 100-pt games is a TNSNFFL record.

Team Better Than You’s magic came to a screeching halt today as they take a beating at the hands of the Dellway Demons.

Real moves up to 2nd in his division, thanks to a Tyrants loss. Both teams are 5-4.

And speaking of the Tyrants, yes, they lost. With this loss, they drop to third in the Rivalry Central and 5-4 on the season.

Dittle Island continues to win despite low-scoring; he hasn’t reached 100 points since week 6.


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