Grading Jon Robinson’s Job as a GM

Titans GM Jon Robinson has gotten some major criticism this past week for failing to upgrade the receiving core this offseason and handing out what looks like a bad contract to Malcolm Butler. Does he deserve this criticism? Let’s take a look at all of JRob’s draft picks and evaluate them. Picks will be separated into four categories: good, bad, OK and TBD.

2016, Round 1 – Jack Conklin, OT

Verdict – Good

Conklin was an excellent pick. As opposed to taking coveted Laremy Tunsil, Jon Robinson opted to take the steady Conklin, who has been an all pro for Tennessee. Conklin is a staple that will be on this team for a long time.

2016, Round 2 – Kevin Dodd, DE

Verdict – Bad

Dodd wasn’t able to do anything in the NFL. He dealt with injuries and never really got to show what he can do on the field. He was eventually beat out by Aaron Wallace for a spot on the depth chart and is no longer on the roster.

2016, Round 2 – Austin Johnson, DT

Verdict – OK

Johnson has been a run of the mill DT with decent but not spectacular production. He’s a good rotation piece on the DLine, but not exactly what you’d hope for out of a second round pick.

2016, Round 2 – Derrick Henry

Verdict – TBD

Henry has shown flashes of dominance, such as a huge performance in the Wild Card Round last season. He has shown to be capable of hitting home runs, but overall he’s been up and down. Henry can’t pass protect and at times he tries to do too much as opposed to taking an easy 4-5 yards, although he has improved in that area. What henry will become remains to be seen.

2016, Round 3 – Kevin Byard, S

Verdict – Good

Excellent pick by JRob. Byard is one of the top safeties in the NFL and wasn’t very highly coveted out of college. The local prospect led the league in INTs last year and has the Titans longest pass this season, a 66 yard strike to Dane Cruikshank.

2016, Round 5 – Tajae Sharpe, WR

Verdict – Good

Another solid selection. Sharpe has really come into his own as a reliable possession receiver with a little downfield ability. Although not spectacular, Sharpe has given good value at a 5th round selection.

2016, Round 5 – Leshaun Sims, CB

Verdict – Good

Sims has been decent for the Titans and an effective cornerback in sub packages. That’s all you can ask for out of a late round pick.

2016, Round 6 – Sebastian Tretola, G

Verdict – Bad

Tretola was not a starting caliber guard and is now off the Titans roster.

2016, Round 7 – Aaron Wallace, OLB

Verdict – Good

Wallace has stuck on the Titans roster and has been a decent rotational DE. He beat out second round pick Kevin Dodd and looks like he has ability to stick on the roster, providing a good return for a seventh rounder.

2016, Round 7 – Kalan Reed, CB

Verdict – OK

I was really rooting for Reed. He was Mr. Irrelevant and flashed some ability, but now plays for the Seahawks.

2017, Round 1 – Corey Davis, WR

Verdict – TBD

Davis has every physical trait you can ask for and showed what he can do when he played against the Eagles earlier this season. He has explosive ability but has had some games where he’s invisible. I still believe Davis can right the ship, but as of now, we don’t know what we have in Davis.

2017, Round 1 – Adoree’ Jackson, CB

Verdict – Good

Jackson was seen by many as a reach at the time he was drafted but has been effective thus far in the NFL. He has the chance to develop into a true #1 corner in the NFL, and will be on the field for the Titans for a long time.

2017, Round 3 – Taywan Taylor, WR

Verdict – TBD

Taylor has playmaker traits, such as great athletic ability. Although he’s made some big plays, he has had drop issues and issues separating. Taylor is in the same spot as Davis, both have potential but need to string a couple good games together for them to be considered reliable options.

2017, Round 3 – Jonnu Smith, TE

Verdict – TBD

I’m almost ready to give up on Smith. He’s been very subpar for the Titans so far. His blocking and his hands have been suspect, but he still has some time to get better and turn into the Delanie Walker replacement we all hope he could be. Here’s to hoping Jonnu can make things right.

2017, Round 5 – Jayon Brown, LB

Verdict – Good

Brown has been very solid for the Titans, coming out of college as an undersized linebacker, he’s proven doubters wrong and been an effective coverage and run stuffing backer in the league.

2017, Round 6 – Corey Levin, OG

Verdict – OK

Levin looks like a fringe starter. He struggled in his first action in London vs. the Chargers but has looked good in preseason. He has time to develop and could present good return on a late round pick.

2017, Round 7 – Brad Seaton, OT

Verdict – Bad

Seaton isn’t an NFL caliber player.

2017, Round 7 – Khalfani Muhammad, RB

Verdict – Bad

Muhammad also isn’t good enough to make an NFL roster.

2017, Round 1 – Rashaan Evans

Verdict – TBD

Evans has been up and down filling in for Wesley Woodyard, and has a chance to become his replacement down the road. We’ve seen highs and lows for Evans, but he’s presented plenty of reasons for optimism.

2017, Round 2 – Harold Landry, OLB

Verdict – Good

Landry will be a very good edge rusher in the league. He can get after the QB with his great athleticism. Look out for him if he continues to develop his pass rush moves.

2017, Round 5 – Dane Cruikshank, S

Verdict – OK

Cruikshank will be a great special teams player in the league, but isn’t quite there yet on defense. Cruikshank has ability and his development will be key to the Titans in the future.

2017, Round 6 – Luke Falk, QB

Verdict – Bad

Falk was a good college player but has no place in the NFL.

Final tally

8 Good

5 Bad

4 OK


The 5 “bad” selections aren’t really reflective of JRob’s ability, as most were late round picks. Overall, I’d say JRob has done more bad than good. What do you guys think?


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