TNSNFFL: Interesting Week 7 Facts!

GOAT Squad (4-2) vs Super Mariota Bros (4-2)

GOAT Squad has scored over 100+ points for 6 straight games, while SMB have a 1-1 record when allowing over 100 points.

Commish Pick: GOAT Squad

901 Elite (2-4) vs Team Better Than You (4-2)

901 Elite is the only team to not score over 100 points this season.

Commish Pick: Team Better Than You

Dellway Demons (2-4) vs Sons of Thunder (2-4)

Dellway Demons are the only team to defeat Dittle Island this season

Commish Pick: Dellway Demons

Dittle Island (5-1) vs POWERHOUSE (2-4)

Dittle Island has scored over 120 points in three consecutive games, that is the longest active streak in the league.

Commish Pick: Dittle Island

Minnesota REAL (3-3) vs Baril House (2-4)

The Baril House has never had a 4-game losing streak in their TNSNFFL history

Commish Pick: Baril House

Tennessee Tyrants (4-2) vs Music City Mafia (1-5)

The Tyrants are 9-3 in their last 12 non-divisional games. Mafia is 0-4 all time in non-divisional games.

Commish Pick: Tennessee Tyrants

GethinAntiochos (4-2) vs Lynville Ducks (2-4)

These two teams have had opposite roads leading to this game. GethinAntiochos lost the first game, won four straight, then lost last week while the Ducks won the first game, lost four straight, then won last week.

Commish Pick: GethinAntiochos

Nash VILLAINS (5-1) vs Franklin’s Finest (2-4)

These two teams have only met once, with the Nash VILLAINS winning 90-82.

Commish Pick: Nash VILLAINS


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