TNSNFFL: Best team in TNSNFFL history? And who’s on pace to take them down?

This has been a crazy, crazy season for the TNSNFFL. So much so, that I absolutely had to dig deep in the record books to see if anyone was on pace to do something historic this season. What I found was great.

First, I had to determine which team is currently standing as the Greatest of All Time in the TNSNFFL. To determine that, I decided to take these things into account: Total wins (had to have 10 or more), total points scored, margin of victories, strength of victories, and roster average (either average projections or average points scored).

In 2016, only three teams had 10 or more wins: Dittle Island (12-1), Franklin’s Finest (11-2), The Truth (10-3). I took those three teams, and crunched up some numbers.

Dittle Island was dominant. His average roster projection was 8.5, meaning most of his players were Tier 1 or Tier 2. He scored 1,332 points and won his games by an average margin of 24.5 points!

Franklin’s Finest nine game winning streak wasn’t enough to keep him in the conversation for long, because The Truth blew both of them out of the water with 1,440 points scored and an average victory margin of 42.1 points, which is a TNSNFFL record.

In 2017, The Tennessee Tyrants and The Truth (once again) were in the conversation. The Truth scored 1,645 total points (league high) and had a 38.9 winning margin average. The Tyrants had a 26.0 win margin with 1549 total points.

In both years, The Truth was the best team all around in the league. However, their 2017 version was enough to take the Greatest TNSNFFL Team of all Time crown.

Who’s On Pace To Taking Them Down?

There are currently four teams on pace to winning at least 10 games: Nash VILLAINS, Dittle Island, GOAT Squad, and Team Better Than You. If you take those teams and compare their numbers to The Truth’s first six games in 2017, it is awfully close.

Nash VILLAINS has scored 689.4 points through six games, which is only 40 points less than The Truth’s first six games last season.

GOAT Squad has scored 679.8 through six, which is about 50 points less. Team Better Than You is on that same boat with 678.8.

All of those teams have really quality rosters, although I can’t determine that due to it fluctuating every five minutes, it is clear that their rosters are among the best in the league.

However, Dittle Island is within a hair in nearly every category. He has scored 726.8 points (The Truth: 730) through six games and has an average victory margin of 40.3 (The Truth: 42.25)

Dittle Island has a great roster and has scored over 120 points in three consecutive games.

Through six games, he is even outpacing his 2016 team. In 2016 through six games, Dittle’s average margin of victory was seven. He also had 543 total points scored. He finished 12-1 that year, for the record.

Dittle Island is currently on pace to, at the very least, match The Truth if not crush his numbers.

If Dittle Island’s historic season continues, he is on pace to becoming the Greatest TNSNFFL Team of All Time.


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