A Look Into the TNSNFFL: Week six final scores.

The Nash VILLAINS drop their first game of the season in a nail biter. This one came down to two pivotal plays. The Patriots handed it off to VILLAINS’ James White in the red zone but he failed to score. On the next play, TBTY’s Tom Brady ran it in himself. If White scored, that would’ve secured the win for the VILLAINS. Instead, Brady gave TBTY the lead and the win. What a game.

Franklin’s Finest improve to 2-4 and now have to look towards next week as they’re facing one of the league’s hottest teams.

What a close one, and what a heart breaker for Team POWERHOUSE. Super Mariota Bros improve to 4-2, while Powerhouse drop to 2-4.

Minnesota REAL improve to 3-3 and Music City Mafia drops his fourth straight.

Dittle Island is the hottest team in the TNSNFFL right now, and they showed it with their third consecutive game with 120+ points.

Breaking news occurred as the Kingsport Knights’ owner announced they were leaving the league, but the team still pulled through with a W. The new owner changed the team name and is now ready to turn the 2-4 Ducks around.

GOAT Squad has their highest scoring performance and has six consecutive games with 100+ on their way to a 4-2 record.

The Tyrants put together their first win streak of the season, improving to 4-2 and are now one game behind their division leaders.


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