A Look Inside the TNSNFFL: Biggest surprises and letdowns.

This TNSNFFL season has been, well, fun. There was an abundance of excitement heading into the draft, including trash talk and predictions that some called bogus.

A crazy, exciting offseason usually translates to a season with those same characteristics. Just like every season, though, this season has its surprises and its letdowns. Here they are.

Biggest Surprises

1. Nash VILLAINS (5-0)

This team has had a history of mediocrity in the TNSNFFL. In 2016, they fell just short of a playoff berth by failing to win an important clincher game. In 2017, much of the same. So far in 2018, it is not looking like they will need a clincher game, as they are off to a fast 5-0 start which is obviously their best start in history.

The VILLAINS face a tough opponent in week seven. Team Better Than You is a solid opponent with a tough line-up to beat. With a win, the VILLAINS would tie the league’s best start to a season at (6-0).

The VILLAINS have arguably the best WR trio in the league with Deandre Hopkins (HOU), Antonio Brown (PIT), and Robert Woods (LAR). They topped that off with QB Jared Goff (LAR), RB Jordan Howard (CHI), and RB James White (NE), so this team probably has one of the league’s best lineups and is probably on pace to becoming the best team in TNSNFFL history. Mind I say, this team had one of the worst drafts in the league, so much of that was acquired through trades.

2. Connecticut GethinAntiochos (4-1)

The TNSNFFL opened up the season with seven newbies (new team owners who weren’t previously in the league last year). The big question was: Which newbie would set themselves apart from the rest? The GethinAntiochos started 0-1, then went on a league-rampage winning four straight.

They aren’t looking good right now, down big in their week six match up after Thursday Night Football, but the future is looking bright for this newbie in the TNSNFFL. Their currently on pace to finish 10-3, which would set the bar as the best start for a newbie in TNSNFFL history. They already set the bar with a wonderful start.

Biggest Letdowns

1. Franklin’s Finest (1-4)

This team has had a pretty decent history in the TNSNFFL. In 2016, they set the record for longest win streak, winning nine consecutive games and finishing the season 11-2. In 2017, the regular season was a bit mediocre, but they capped off the mediocrity with a TNSNFFL Championship.

Because of this team’s consistent success, they had high praise coming into the season, and was expected to compete in their division and in the league.

Unfortunately, it’s been the total opposite. They are 1-4, sitting third in their division and falling further and further behind with each passing week. At this point, they need to finish the season winning six of their remaining eight in order to remotely have a chance at the playoffs.

2. Tennessee Tyrants (3-2)

This one isn’t too big of a letdown. After a good draft, this team was expected to have a wonderful season and was a huge favorite to win their division. Now, they are second in their division behind an undefeated Nash VILLAINS squad and the Tyrants can’t seem to find consistency. They are second in their division, and with one loss they could potentially be in a daunting three-way tie.

Not much to say here, but if two months ago you told me this team would be 3-2, second in their division, and behind the 5-0 VILLAINS, I would have laughed and said “Boy, you silly!”


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