CONFERENCE CLASH(2): Week Five Final Scores (TNSNFFL)

Minnesota REAL’s inconsistency continues as his team halts at 82.7. He will drop to 2-3.

GOAT Squad takes this one as he scores 100+ for the fifth consecutive game.

Kingsport Knights’ team halts at 90.3, so he will drop to 1-4. Dittle Island improves to 4-1.

Franklin’s Finest continues to slip into his worst start (1-4) in TNSNFFL History. The Tyrants improve to 3-2

The Nash VILLAINS improve to 5-0 on the season with another high scoring game.

The Baril House drops to 0-2 all time versus 901 Elite and 2-3 on the season, as 901 Elite picks up their second straight win and best start to a season (2-3)

The streak of not allowing 100+ points comes to an end for the Mariota Bros. They drop to 2-3.

This one was close, and lived up to the GOTW hype. TNS Nation picks up another correct prediction and GethinAntiochos pick up his fourth straight win.


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