Top Ten Tennessee Titans games: Game #8

Dallas Cowboys @ Tennessee Titans

December 25, 2000

Final Score: Titans 31, Cowboys 0

This game was one of the biggest games from the 2000 season. There was a lot on line for the Titans. One was to be the top ranked defense in the NFL, also a home field advantage through out the playoffs.

Through out the game the defense played like a top ranked defense by not allowing any points on the score board for the second straight game. They only allowed 95 yards through out the game, and six total first downs. They caused Anthony Wright to pass two interceptions and sacked Wright four times. Wright also threw 5 for 20 with 35 yards.

For the Titans offense, it was a really good game as well. Steve McNair had 188 yards passing. And Eddie George had rushed for 83 yards to pass the 1,500 yards for the season.

With this win the Titans became 13-3 for the second straight season in a row. Also won the AFC Central for the first time since 1993.

Game #7 next week


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