TNSNFFL: Want to join the fun? Apply now!

The TNS Nation Fantasy Football League will be entering its fourth year next season, and boy has it been fun.

It has grown into one of the more popular and competitive Fantasy Football leagues in Tennessee, and its competitiveness has made even the best fantasy players look mediocre.

The league is a half-PPR league with 16 total teams using ESPN. In 2019, it will be a non-keeper league.

You are able to trade draft picks at anytime. The TNSNFFL does future promised draft picks which allows you to trade draft picks at any time!

League Requirements

1. You must create a unique name. Names such as “Team (insert player’s first or last name here)” will never be accepted in this league. We want fun, creative names. (Name examples from the TNSNFFL includes: The Baril House, GethinAntiochos, Nash VILLAINS, and Franklin’s Finest.)

2. You must be active. Inactive players is frowned upon in this league, and will result in you getting replaced immediately. Although we do understand that there are other things in life more important than Fantasy Football, if you are in the TNSNFFL, you will be expected to be moderately active.

3. You must follow TNS. The league is called the TNS NATION Fantasy Football League, meaning the league is primarily for TNS Nation. When you apply, we will check to see if you follow TNS. If you don’t, your application will be disregarded.


All that said, if you’d like to apply, click here and we look forward to having you! The application is due by December, so you have plenty of time to decide if you want in.


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