TNSNFFL: Week 3 Final Scores

Here’s how week three shook out.


The Nash VILLAINS continue to shock the league, defeating number one ranked GOAT Squad to improve to 3-0.

The Tyrants have to keep up with the division leaders, Nash VILLAINS, and they did that with a W to improve to 2-1.

The GethinAntiochos completely obliterated their opponents to get their second straight W!

Minnesota REAL fell victim to #FitzMagic. Sons of Thunder get their first ever TNSNFFL win.

POWERHOUSE PREVAILS over the defending champs!

Super Mariota Bros improve to a rather shocking 2-1 start despite losing Le’Veon Bell.

Dittle Island have yet to score over 100 points after scoring 148 in week one. But hey, he got the dub.

The Baril House is atop his division at 2-1, just like we all predicted. (That’s not sarcasm)


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