TNSNFFL Week 4 Power Rankings: Nash VILLAINS sits atop, GethinAntiochos soar.

  1. (3-0) NASH VILLAINS (+3)

    Huge win for the Nash VILLAINS in the “Game of the Week” between the remaining undefeated teams. Marquise Goodwin finally came alive with a 10.3-pt performance after missing the first two weeks to injury. The Browns D/ST is ranked 4th-highest going into Week 4 after Cleveland’s hot defense has picked up 9 sacks, 5 interceptions, and 6 fumble recoveries in the first three games.

    2. (2-1) GOAT SQUAD (-1)

    GOAT Squad’s hopes of holding on through Monday Night Football came down to relying on Antonio Brown to score under 11.4 pts. He scored 14, and fell to Nash VILLAINS in a nail-biter, 104.1-101.5. GOAT Squad could be undefeated if they left Russell Wilson (15.6 pts) on the starting lineup over Mitchell Trubisky (5.6 pts)—who had steadier performances in the first two weeks…. or if they simply left their D/ST slot empty as the Chargers D/ST scored -4 points.

    3. (2-1) THE BARIL HOUSE (+2)

    The Baril House barely held on to a 111.5-107.7 victory over the Dellway Demons. Mahomes’ passing touchdown count rises to 13 after three weeks; that’s as many touchdowns as Marcus Mariota threw for all last year. Christian McCaffrey rushed for a career-high 184 yards. The Bears D/ST is ranked #1 after scoring 13, 19, and 15 points in each of the first three weeks.

    4. (2-1) DITTLE ISLAND (+6)

    Alvin Kamara rushed the ball 16 times and caught 15 passes for a total of 190 scrimmage yards in an overtime win against the Atlanta Falcons. JuJu Smith-Schuster has averaged 119 receiving yards through three games. Dittle Island is one of four teams that has scored 90+ points in all three games, a stat shared with GOAT Squad, The Baril House, and Team Better than You.


    Huge week for the GethinAntiochos as six starters scored 15+ points, including Drew Brees (40.5), Marshawn Lynch (16.1), Odell Beckham, Jr. (15.4), Adam Thielen (17.5), Robert Woods (28.7), and Will Lutz (15). Even with a team that’s looking hot right now, Connecticut doesn’t have a tight end on the roster who has scored 5+ points in any of the first three weeks. Drew Brees is going to make all his fantasy owners happy if he keeps playing in these shootout games.

    6. (1-2) TEAM BETTER THAN YOU (-4)

    Tough to win when your opponent scores 147.5 points. Team Better than You still had five starters score 13+ points. Tom Brady was the biggest letdown after a 133-yd, 1-TD, 1-INT performance in Detroit on Sunday Night Football. Travis Kelce has rebounded with two consecutive 100-yd games after only catching one ball for six yards in Week 1. 97.7 points is this team’s lowest scoring performance so far, which Team Better than You shouldn’t be too concerned about. Their opponents have also averaged 121.8 points scored a game—highest in the league.

    7. (2-1) TEAM POWERHOUSE

    TEAM POWERHOUSE had four starters with 14.5+ points in a close 92.9-88.7 win over Franklin’s Finest. Phillip Lindsay was limited to 2 points after getting ejected against the Baltimore Ravens for throwing a punch. Alongside him… Kenyan Drake, Jonnu Smith, and Jets D/ST combined for only 9.4 points.

    8. (1-2) MUSIC CITY MAFIA (-6)

    No action from Leonard Fournette or Devonta Freeman in Week 3, but in their absence, Alex Collins and Corey Clement have been solid backs for Music City Mafia. Michael Thomas leads all WRs in points through three weeks. Kirk Cousins had the most embarrassing game of his life but wasn’t terrible in terms of fantasy football with 10 points, while the Saints D/ST put up negative scoring for the second time.

    9. (1-2) DELLWAY DEMONS

    Once the Patriots/Lions Sunday Night Football game started, everything went wrong for this team. The Dellway Demons had 98.1 points going into Sunday night and needed 13.5 amongst Chris Hogan, Patriots D/ST, and Chris Boswell to beat The Baril House. Chris Hogan got 4.6, Patriots D/ST got 0, and Chris Boswell missed a PAT and 47-yd FG try to wipe out Dellway’s chances of victory.

    10. (2-1) TENNESSEE TYRANTS (+2)

    Deshaun Watson is starting to get back in the groove with 25 points scored in Week 3. Four RBs on the roster scored in the double-digits. The Tyrants must be relieved to have Kenny Golladay, with Keenan Allen and Amari Cooper losing a lot of production to guys like Mike Williams and Jordy Nelson. Allen should be more steady after a bad week, but Amari Cooper’s wild inconsistency is drawing red flags.

    11. (1-2) FRANKLIN’S FINEST (-5)

    Miss Antonio Brown yet? Franklin’s Finest lost by 4.2 points vs. TEAM POWERHOUSE. Randall Cobb and Keelan Cole combined 8.8 points while on someone else’s roster, Antonio Brown had 14 points. Randall Cobb is another receiver drawing red flags with Davante Adams and Geronimo Allison seeing more production in the last two weeks. The addition of Sterling Shepard should be a big help moving forward as he should earn more targets after a knee-injury has Evan Engram out multiple weeks.

    12. (1-2) MINNESOTA REAL (-1)

    Minnesota REAL had big weeks from Matt Ryan (40.2), Jarvis Landry (16.3), Tyler Lockett (16.2), and the Rams D/ST (13) despite being outscored 125.6-109.3 by The Sons of Thunder. The Vikings players couldn’t do much for the Minnesota REAL, as Latavius Murray, Stefon Diggs, and Dan Bailey combined for 9.3 points. A healthy LeSean McCoy would’ve been nice to have in that Bills/Vikings game.

    13. (2-1) SUPER MARIOTA BROS (+1)

    Big win for Super Mariota Bros sharing a division with two other 2-1 teams. Their WRs in Golden Tate, Emmanuel Sanders, and Will Fuller are continuing to do well. Wendell Smallwood led Eagles RBs in fantasy points with 16.6. For Alfred Blue, his 2.2-pt performance might not cut it. Might be time to get a new RB pronto while Le’Veon Bell is still out… maybe a QB, too. Dak Prescott is still searching for a go-to wideout. Derek Carr is struggling, and Sam Bradford is on the verge of losing the starting job to rookie Josh Rosen.

    14. (1-2) THE SONS OF THUNDER (+1)

    Fitzmagic couldn’t complete the comeback for Tampa Bay, but he came in big for The Sons of Thunder with a third-consecutive 400-yd performance. Ryan Fitzpatrick’s job as a starter is still not secured looking ahead to the entire season, but he’s making most of what he can right now, taking advantage of Jameis Winston’s expiring 3-game suspension. Larry Fitzgerald couldn’t produce in a struggling Cardinals offense, but the rest of The Sons of Thunder’s team had great weeks with Javorius Allen, Chris Carson, Julio Jones, Kyle Rudolph, Devin Funchess, and Matt Prater all scoring double-digit points.

    15. (1-2) KINGSPORT KNIGHTS (-7)

    A really bad week in fantasy football for Kingsport. 59.9 points is the lowest score of any team so far. Sam Darnold struggled on a short week, on the road, in a city starving for a win. Evan Engram is out multiple weeks with an MCL sprain. DJ Moore has been a disappointing, inconsistent flex option for the Knights. For a team that scored 100+ points the last two weeks, this one was rough. Matthew Stafford in as starter next week should help the Kingsport Knights rebound in Week 4.

    16. (0-3) 901 ELITE

    Knock knock. Who’s there? Owen. Owen who? 0-3. Yea…. fell into that one. Aaron Rodgers, Giovani Bernard, Chris Godwin, and Justin Tucker were double-digit scorers. Theo Riddick is losing production to Kerryon Johnson. Jesse James busted this week after having 138 yds and a TD last week, because of Vance McDonald’s production on Monday Night Football. Jimmy G is out for the year with a torn ACL. 49ers D/ST isn’t looking too good. Tough loss for 901 Elite. Can’t imagine being a 49ers fan right now.

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