TNSNFFL: One interesting fact about each match-up.

For each match up, there are some pretty interesting facts, especially for the Game of the Week. Check ’em out!

Nash VILLAINS (1-0) vs 901 Elite (0-1)

901 Elite has never defeated the Nash VILLAINS, or won a divisional game. Meanwhile, the Nash VILLAINS have never started 2-0.

Tennessee Tyrants (1-0) vs Minnesota REAL (0-1)

The Tyrants have a 6-1 record in their last seven divisional games

Music City Mafia (0-1) vs Better Than You (1-0)

Last time Team Better Than You started 2-0, they went on to win the championship.


Franklin’s Finest (1-0) vs The Baril House (0-1)

The last time these two teams faced each other was week 12 of 2016, with Franklin’s Finest winning 111-107

Kingsport Knights (1-0) vs Team POWERHOUSE (0-1)

Both team co-owners of Team POWERHOUSE started 0-2 last season with their own teams.

GOAT Squad (1-0) vs Sons of Thunder (0-1)

GOAT squad is one of three newbies with a chance to improve to 2-0.

Super Mariota Bros (1-0) vs GethinAntiochos (0-1)

Both teams face experienced TNSNFFL members after this match.

Dellway Demons (0-1) vs Dittle Island (1-0)

Dittle Island is the only TNSNFFL team to win 12 games in one season.


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