TNSNFFL: GOAT Squad wins Game of the Week; Dittle Dominates

Week one was crazy, both in the NFL and TNSNFFL (TNS Nation Fantasy Football League).

There were some shockers this week, especially in our Game of the Week match. Let’s take a look at the scores.


Favored: Powerhouse

This match was expected to be close, but injuries to Fournette and Baldwin cost POWERHOUSE points, thus sending GOAT Squad running away with a dub.

Favored: Dellway Demons

Dellway Demons seemed like the clear victor here with Super Mariota Bros losing Le’Veon Bell. Obviously, he’s not.

Favored: Dittle Island

Dom • i • na • tion – the exercise of control or influence over someone or something, or the state of being so controlled.

Favored: Sons of Thunder

Sometimes, the favored one doesn’t win. Kingsport Knights shocked us all.

Favored: Team Better Than You

This match was CLOSE but TBTY pulled away late.

Favored: Franklin’s Finest

Music City Mafia put up a solid fight versus the defending champ, but just couldn’t finish.

Favored: Minnesota REAL

The Nash VILLAINS went from a horrible draft to defeating his week one opponent by a large margin thanks to trades.

Favored: Tennessee Tyrants

The fact that 901 Elite scored 91 is a moral victory.


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