Which young Grizzly has the highest ceiling?

Although the Grizzlies have been great in the recent years (Excluding last year) Some people tend to forget the number of young depth players they have. Before we get into the possible ceilings of some of those players we should define what a ceiling is first.

In the NBA, a ceiling is basically how well the player can perform if he were to reach his maximum potential. Although most players will never reach their ceiling it’s very interesting to look at what they could possibly become

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The first guys we’ll be looking at is Jaren Jackson and Jevon Carter. For Jaren Jackson, we can only hope for good things from him coming out of the gate. He’s a guy who is a tremendous shot blocker and also showed off his ability to stretch the floor and knock down the three in the Summer League.

Looking at his ceiling, he could easily amount to be either an All-NBA player or even a Defensive Player of the Year candidate.

As for Jevon Carter, his game reminds me of Conley when he had his big 20 points-per-game season. A nice all-around guard that can score and dish. I think he could be the Grizzlies future starting point guard or even a borderline all-star.

The last guys we’ll be talking about are the Grizzlies very own Wayne Selden Jr., Ivan Rabb, and Dillon Brooks.

For Ivan Rabb, at best he can be a very nice big coming off the bench as a seventh or eighth man. A guy I could personally see averaging around seven and five per game.

For Wayne Selden Jr., he could be a lights out sixth man who comes onto the court and lights it on fire. He’s a guy who can average around 9-12 ppg and on a good night come off the bench and shoot for 13 or 14.

As for second-year player Dillon Brooks, he had a very solid rookie season and showed us some glimpses of what he could be in the future, especially after his final game of the season where he clocked in 36 points against the Thunder.

He could very well be a future All-Star who averages anywhere from 15-22 points per game. He’s a very special player and could be the key to the future for the Grizzlies along with Jaren Jackson, not to mention both are very solid defenders.

The Grizzlies have some very solid depth players who are young and have decently high ceilings. The question for the Grizzlies is how well can they develop these young guys? Will any of those players be able to reach their ceiling or will we see them flop? It all depends on the players and coaches mentality and how well the coaches push them along in the development of their young basketball careers.


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