Expectations for week 1 @ Dolphins

This is the first week of the 2018-2019 NFL season. This article will be about my expectations for week one when the Tennessee Titans take on the Miami Dolphins.

This is coach Vrabel’s first game as a head coach. And for Marcus Mariota, he is going into his fourth season as a starting quarterback in the NFL with the Tennessee Titans, and this is his contract season. That means that it is his last season on his rookie contract and he needs to play like a top 5 quarterback in the league to get a big contract next offseason from the Titans.

My expectations for him for week one is, 24/42 380 passing yards with 2 passing tds. For his rushing game, he’ll have 6 carries for 60 yards with no rushing tds.

This is Derrick Henry’s third season in the league with the Titans and his first full time starting running back. I expect him to have 20 carries, 140 rushing yards with two touchdowns.

My expectations for the defense is to not allow the Dolphins get any points on the score board by the end of the game. The Dolphins will rush the ball around 15 to 30 times with around 100 to 120 rushing yards. Dolphins will pass the ball for 150 to 200 yards. So, that is my expectations for week 1.

Final score-

Titans- 28

Dolphins- 0


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