TNSNFFL DRAFT GRADES: Tennessee Tyrants, GOAT Squad among highest

These draft grades are based off of the teams that were originally drafted. Click here to view the rosters.

Tennessee Tyrants

Grade: A

Pretty great team overall with Deshaun Watson and David Johnson leading. Amari Cooper is a big question mark coming of off a very inconsistent season.

Music City Mafia

Grade: B

Also, another great team, but Jack Doyle and Michael Crabtree are some key setbacks keeping this team from reaching their full potential.

Team Better than You

Grade: C+

This team would be not so great without Ezekiel Elliott. Brady is not going to be able to carry this team without some help and Zeke always rises to his potential.

Dellway Demons

Grade: B

Great team even with an ok tight end (Austin Hooper).

The Baril House

Grade: C+

This team gives me a few concerns and one of them is Patrick Mahomes: this is only his second start at QB.

Goat Squad

Grade: A

Great team ; leading my only concern to be Saquon Barkley just because he is a rookie.

Franklin’s Finest

Grade: C-

Antonio Brown and Delanie Walker are going to carry this team.

Nash Villians

Grade: C

Decent QB and WR, but the running backs and flex is holding this team back.

Dittle Island

Grade: B-

The WRs are highly underestimated on this team mostly due to lack of experience, but the future is is bright.

Connecticut GethinAntiochos

Grade: B

The TE is a very questionable for this team and the RBs are going to have a bright year.

901 Elite

Grade: D+

I don’t know how to put this nicely, but what the heck were you doing in the draft. To me it looks like you were picking from the bottom instead of the top.

Super Mariota Bro’s

Grade: B+

Chris Thompson is gonna be a toss-up after coming back from a devastating leg injury. Great team otherwise

Team Powerhouse

Grade: A-

Top 3 team; I look forward to seeing this team in the playoffs

Kingsport Knights

Grade: B

The flex seems like he’ll have more targets as Dez is gone from Dallas.

The Son’s of Thunder

Grade: B+

He’s got a nice receiving core in Julio and Fitz. Decent RBs

Minnesota Real

Grade: B-

Team is decent, but the real question is how is Jimmy Graham going to do.


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